C++/CX: Oh darn it, PRIVACY Statements

Privacy statement, how to deal with them.  The following is not offered as legal advice, if you are starting a business based on game design, you should spend a few dollars to get legal advice, because you will either spend a little money on lawyers before you need them and a lot after you need them, so don’t cheap out.  Get legal advice on this kind of thing.  No kidding.

Where to get Privacy Statements written for you:


That site looks like trouble, but for some reason it works.  I haven’t gotten any spam from them yet.  Don’t know how they make money.  Fill in the check boxes and they will send you a link with a password, do a cut and paste, you have your Privacy statement.  That’s it right?  No of course not, not enough complexity.

Hosting your Privacy Statement:

Best way is to use one of your free Azure websites you can for signing up for Azure at http://www.windowsazure.com .

Or if you don’t trust Microsoft, then you might want to find a free hosting site somewhere, I use the TouchDevelop tools and these will build a web site for your no cost, but it is somewhat complicated.

If you have an Office 365 account then you have a web hosting system.

Using the privacy statement:

If you include a privacy statement in your app you must also include the WORKING website that contains your privacy statement.  Sometimes a generic privacy statement will work, but usually you should have the name of your app at the top of the web page, it must be exactly the same.  You can use http://bit.ly or other shorteners.


Hope this helps you out!


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