DirectX/C++/CX: Resources for success

Resources for Success, sounds pretty impressive!  Well if you are looking to break into the Game Engine design work or just have fun with in depth programming and make some money on the side then read this article.  Otherwise I got your click you can go check out something more interesting, because let’s face it nothing more exciting than DirectX/C++ if you are into it and nothing more dull if you aren’t.

Are you still there?  Good.  This is important.

First off I have it from a good source that during the interviews for internship at a major, non-Microsoft, game company, only about 400 or so of the interns had ever made any kind of games and less had actually published any games.  Seriously, less than 50%, although another source did say it was 500.  Well take that with a grain of salt, or if you have to watch your salt intake, a grain of something else.

Really, you must publish on Windows 8, it is easy, the certification process is quick and you start getting feedback on your design immediately.  Do not wait to do this, do it now.  Here are some resources that you can use to do get started that are freaking awesome:

  1. JavaScript/HTML 5 game design tools:
  2. DirectX/C++ Game design tutorials and starter game engines:
  3. Just a use of C++ with MVVM without the DirectX stuff with interop with C#:
  4. Mod a game, your choice there a lot of ways to mod games, pick one and get a few people to use it
  5. Practice your interview skills, your school will help you with tha
  6. Dress better that way you will be able to look normal in the business attire, plus what if you meet a hiring executive and look like a homeless person.  What I mean here is this: Jeans or similar, shirt or blouse with a collar, but seriously, if we want to see more women taking computer science classes the guys need to step up how you look.  So there are two reasons to dress better: 1. In case you meet a hiring executive; 2. To get more female students to consider taking Computer Science.

So to bottom line for success, if you are a current student looking to get an internship at a Game Company, you will improve your chances of success by getting a game built and put into the Windows 8 Store, the Windows 8 Store (both are no cost to students), using a number of tools, understand how to use and create templates, get an app into iOS, $99, and Android ($25).  You get an app into each of these stores using the same code set from or Construct 2, but maybe a small change to the layouts.

Then finally, get downloads for your apps, DO NOT have a zero app download, and this happens.

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