Word: When is a Frame and a Table a problem?

I just finished stealing an article from MSDN Magazine, it’s a good one on how to build a XAML with C++ app using WinRT and Async!  But when I put it into Word after cutting and pasting it from MSDN Magazine, it had a table AND a Frame. 

To see the article I was borrowing from see: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/dn166929.aspx it is a very good article if you are interested in WinRT and XAML.

What does that mean?

When I removed the text from the table, the 15 pages of document swished up into one page, which initially I thought was all there was to the document.  After talking to Randy Guthrie, he showed me how to move text from a table to just text.  Select the table and then you should see the “Table Tools” look over on the right hand of the ribbon bar.  In my case, now I have a “framed” document where all 15 pages show up on one page.


Note the light dotted lines, this is a frame, which needs to be removed.


Remove frame by clicking on the anchor (which indicates that it is a frame like for pictures) and you will get a dialog box:

imageClick on the remove frame, and that is it! 

I never thought that a document would have a frame but when copying from an HTML page that can happen.

Note that paste special could have done the job if I only had text, but since there were pictures I needed to do this process.

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  1. Bobby-Zopfan says:

    Sorry, but I failed to find the anchor in MS Word 2013, even though I copied the content/text into a new blank document. Frames are there, but anchors aren't. How do I go around? Pls help.

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