C++/CX/DirectX: brilliant use of DirectX sample

I am teaching a game design  class at UCLA that a number of students are suffering through, but they seem to be having fun.  I was also assigned an excellent TA to help me out: Konstantinos Sideris, who is absolutely brilliant and seriously a better teacher than I am. Konstantinos took one of the sample…


C++/CX: Latest release of Visual Studio 3D Starter Kit for Windows 8.1 Games

Roberto Sonnino has knocked it out of the park with a release of this Visual Studio 3D Starter Kit for Windows 8.1 Games.  Roberto had initially released one of the best Starter kits for Windows 8.0, and now he has upgraded it to Windows 8.1!  So get the latest and greatest!! https://aka.ms/vs3dkitwin  Have fun!


C++/DirectX: Creating a settings charm in the charm bar

In my previous blog, I showed that implementing a privacy statement was easy.  And I questioned the VS templates and examples for not having the Privacy Policy charm, well I won’t question this, now.  But at one time, you would not have settings in your app, you were suppose to have the settings in the…


C++/DirectX: Adding a privacy statement to a template app

So you read and read, work through the example code and then you ask yourself this question: Why don’t the template apps include a privacy statement method?  Don’t I almost always have to have a privacy statement?  And why don’t the example apps have a privacy statement?  You might ask yourself the question if there…


C++/DirectX: AppxUpload file, does it stand on a standard?

Had to work hard on that one, stand on a standard, but… Ok, ok, the AppxUpload does stand on a standard.  Really. The standard is the OPC standard and I guess that the Phone file as well as the Windows 8 store files are both based on this, although it is difficult to trace these…


C++ and .NET: What’s the /ZW and the /clr incompatibility thang?

SUP with the /clr and /ZW incompatibility?  For that matter why /ZW and not /clr, and if you are a beginner why should you care? Now, C++ is separated from .NET, sort of, if you set the complier tag to /ZW you cannot use /clr which is the setting for the C++ to be able…


C++/DirectX: Sprites are not a delicious carbonated drink

Sprites are not just a carbonated drink that many love to drink on a hot day, they are also the little objects that make up a game.  A circle can be a sprite or Master Chief in Halo could be a sprite. The term sprite seems to be derived from the French word esprit or…


C++/DirectX/XAML: Message about MessageDialog

I don’t know why I feel compelled to write this blog today, but I have a terrible sore throat from giving two talks yesterday in a noisy room.  So it might the two baby aspirins I took, hope the FDA doesn’t require that there be prescriptions for baby aspirins. Anyway, MessageDialogs are pretty easy to…


DirectX/C++/CX: Charming charms in your charming app

You want to make a beautiful app, well to make a beautiful app shouldn’t it be charming as well?  But how do you do these charming features for your wonderful and beautiful apps? Charms in C++, DirectX First if you are a C++ programmer who has been doing other interesting work, but not designing UIs,…


C++/CX: Oh darn it, PRIVACY Statements

Privacy statement, how to deal with them.  The following is not offered as legal advice, if you are starting a business based on game design, you should spend a few dollars to get legal advice, because you will either spend a little money on lawyers before you need them and a lot after you need…