C++/CX: Video Links have I reviewed

Quick blog on the videos I am review for the CS188 Class.  I am attempting to not get distracted by bright and shiny objects.  It’s hard since that is part of my personality and at my age it is hard to change, but I do have to make a change a bit. 

Videos I have reviewed:

  1. Visual Studio 2013 Release Candidate (Must view)
  2. 20 Modern Visual C++ Best Practices (Must view)
  3. What's New in Direct3D 11.2 (Must view)
  4. What’s New in Visual Studio 2013 for C++ Developers (Good for beginners, Students in CS 188 need to watch this)
  5. Porting a desktop app to a Metro style app (VS 2012 and WIn 8)
  6. C++ and DirectX for Metro Style Games (VS 2012 and WIn 8, some issues with transferring to Win 8.1)

Future changes:

Using XAML Designer in VS and Blend

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