C++/CX on-ramp: Ethics

imageEthics for the new C++/CX user.  Yes there are ethics for any profession.

I like the Code of the West>>

I like the code.  Anyone can be part of the emerging C++/CX user.  Coding Apps is one of the few technologies the emerged in the 20th Century that one of the essential finders was part of the LBGT population, Alan Turing, who committed suicide because of prejudice that society had toward his lifestyle.

So it is important that a movement have a basis of how to deal with things.  Often when we create entrepreneurial companies or revolution and think that steps should be skipped.  And we all do, but which steps do we cut out?  And then what do we do when we are successful?  Head out to Las Vegas and blow it all?  Maybe.  But then what?  Ethics helps us form “goodness” bubbles where we all can trust that someone will do what they say or tell us when they can’t.

If you are thinking about getting into C++, means you do need to consider honoring the ACM code of conduct, or at least use it as a guideling

You can find the ACM Code of Conduct at:


Or to keep it simple you could use the “Code of the West” as a fallback.  Except for the part about, “Always finish what you start”, with code you might not want to finish something that breaks the build.  And I don’t know what that line: “Ride for the Brand” means.  Oh well, good one for me: “Talk Less and Say more” works.

Ethics first though.  Be ethical.

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