C++/CX: Inheritance, ref, sealed class and base classes

Getting my ideas from DirectX 11.1 Game Programming for blogs.

Using the example set-up in my blog: C++/CX: Inheritance in the CX, set up the project

What is a sealed class?

A class that is sealed is a context-sensitive keyword for ref classes that indicates that a virtual member cannot be overridden, or that a type cannot be used as a base type. see: sealed (C++ Component Extensions)

Example of use:

ref class CDemoObject sealed : public CDemoProperty
	virtual void PickGetType() override

What about the final keyword?

In the C++/11, the final keyword is defined as, it is used in standard classes

You can use the final identifier to designate virtual functions that cannot be overridden in a derived class. You can also use it to designate classes that cannot be inherited.


For examples that demonstrate the use of the final keyword see:

final identifier

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