C++/CX: Good Book for DirectX games: DirectX 11.1 Game Programming

I am currently reading the book DirectX 11.1 Game Programming by Pooya Eimandar and it is AWESOME.  I would recommend that you head right over to PacktPub.com and buy it.

DirectX 11.1 Game Programming , the eBook is less than $20, and just the first chapter is worth it.  Pooya does make the occasional error, but if you are doing parallel reading you will catch them and for the most part any of errors I have found so far are quite small.  I make those kinds of error on a daily basis.

So rush over and buy this book immediately, it uses the Windows 8 Store as a basis for his book, and seriously it is awesome.

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  1. Pooya Eimandar says:


    Please kindly direct any bugs and errors to my email for future updates.

    It is my pleasure to help out.

    Best Regards.

    Pooya Eimandar

  2. Surf4Fun says:

    Pooya, thanks for the input, if you could, please post your email.  The emails to the author (me) of this blog also blocks your email.

    For those who may have purchased the book from Packt, you might also check the site:


    Pooya looks like a "go to" guy (a good thing) for game engine design!  Keep up the great work Pooya.

    Thank you for your excellent work on the Windows Platform.

  3. Hi

    Thanks a lot.

    Your feedback is valuable to me. You can find me at



    Best Regards.

    Pooya Eimandar

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