C++/CX: Exploring Inheritance using the Code Map

Let’s say you are a student who has access to Visual Studio Ultimate through DreamSpark Premium at your school.  You might look at the Visual Studio Ultimate and wonder why people pay so much for it in the world at large.  One of the reasons is the “Code Map”.


Using the app you set up using my blog: C++/CX: Inheritance in the CX, set up the project

And remember to set the breakpoint or you will get an error that looks like this image.


So what is this Code Map thing?

This video is a good introduction, but scroll down after you watch to continue with the inheritance discussion


In our app the code map appears on the right hand side, at least it docked that way in my Visual Studio:


That’s it for this blog, more to come.  You can begin to explore the way that the Code Map works, and get some experience with the changes in C++/CX with respect to Classes.  The changes do not make changes to the C++/11, rather it is an amplification. 

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