Sharing and Organizing using OneNote (CS188 students)

If you are taking my CS188 class, I will be using OneNote, or at least plan on using OneNote right now for sharing information with the class. 

To use OneNote for Sharing as well as Organizing please make sure you download the no cost OneNote 2013 from SeasNet if you do not have Office 2013 on your machine.  The class will in general use the no cost Office on Outlook, but you will benefit from using the OneNote 2013 client that you get for no cost from SeasNet at UCLA. 

Here are the videos, I will be reviewing them as well since sharing and organizing are things I need to work on too.

[Jun 2013, 49 min] Organizing and Sharing with OneNote, Part 1

[Jun 2013, 52 min] Organizing and Sharing with OneNote, Part 2

We will be using OneNote like a Wiki, but without having to use the formatting tags.

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