IE 11 won’t open in the Windows 8.1 Start Screen

Odd, suddenly IE 11 won’t open when clicked in the Windows 8.1 Start Screen.  I don’t recall making any changes, but somehow a setting in the Internet Explorer 11 got modified so that only the client IE 11 will open if I attempt to start the one in the Start Screen, which I prefer as it works so well with touch input.

So here are the screens you need to deal with to fix it, you have to close IE 11 to get it to work.  In fact you might need to restart your system, which if you have a SSD is really painless (make sure to scroll down to see all of the images):

Start with this one from the “gear” on the client IE 11 image

In the Opening Internet Explorer use the drop down arrow and change it to:

Let Internet Explorer decide

Then click the Apply and then OK
Or just the OK button

Comments (8)

  1. Chuck says:

    Can't open ie 11 client from desktop either, any suggestions. Can't get to internet options to change settings.

  2. Surf4Fun says:

    Hey Chuck,

    Try finding ieexplore.exe, right click and open the properties from there.

    Also is this the final version of Win 8.1?


  3. ducky says:



  4. Surf4Fun says:

    Ducky, Need more detail, all of my machines using 8.1 are working fine.  In fact I am writing this comment in ie 11 on 8.1.

    Could this be a driver problem?  Driver problems as you know, Microsoft cant' fix directly.

    I am still having a driver problem with Autorotate on my Lenovo Twist for example.

  5. Show says:

    Windows 8.1 and IE 11 don't work on my computer.  Now I can't even find IE on my computer.  As always, really, really disappointed with Micro Soft.  

  6. Surf4Fun says:


    I can't repo the error on 8.1.  If possible could you go to a Microsoft store and ask them for help?

  7. gke565 says:

    Did you happen to verify that your Anti-Virus wasn't quarantining IE 11?  After driving myself nuts I found our AV has a policy to block all new versions, simple allow and everything is happy again.

  8. Britt says:

    My computer goes straight to desktop when I start it instead of going to the windows screen like it used to when I bought it. Anyone know how I can fix it?

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