Free Training for Azure, the Microsoft Cloud! A stunning victory for you!

Fastest Rapper on Azure

Well that was good, right?  Azure is fast and cool.

What about training? Here is a good source for Azure training

Azure Training Kit <<Link

The Windows Azure Training Kit includes a comprehensive set of technical content designed to help you learn how to use Windows Azure. The kit includes hands-on labs, presentations, demos, and code samples for every aspect of developing applications for Windows Azure. You can use the resources in the training kit to teach yourself or train others.

Now here are some useful virtual labs

Virtual labs mean you can train using free virtual labs that don’t burn up your 1 month of free Azure connection:

MSDN Virtual Lab: Introduction to Cloud Services: <<Link

After completing this lab, you will be better able to create applications in Windows Azure using web roles and worker roles, use Storage services including blobs, queues and tables, publish an application to Windows Azure Cloud Services

MSDN Virtual Lab: Introduction to Windows Azure Virtual Machines: <<Link

After completing this lab, you will be better able to create a Web Farm using Windows Azure Management Portal, configure Load Balancing in IIS, deploy a Simple MVC4 Application that consumes SQL Server Features, and create a VM with SQL Server Full-Text Search feature to be consumed by the MVC Application

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