Videos about the new stuff in Visual Studio 2013, C++ and from Research

What’s New in the Visual Studio 2013 IDE

With Visual Studio 2013 it just gets better when your IDE is connected. New roaming support, notifications and a new Visual Studio Updates experience means you get fixes and features sooner. Business metaphor of people with cogs in the wheel

Find out about the new productivity improvements, how Visual Studio takes understanding your code to the next level and other IDE features in the next version of Visual Studio.

What’s New in Visual Studio 2013 for C++ Developers

This is a fast-paced session taking you through a tour of the new features available to C++ developers in Visual Studio 2013.

You will learn about the breadth of the Visual C++ tools including targeting Windows 8.1, C++11 language conformance, new REST libraries, compiler optimizations that make your code run faster, as well as the improved productivity features in the IDE for editing, debugging and diagnosing applications.

MSR and Visual Studio: Image Watch, Smart Programming Assistant

  • In this combined video, you will learn about two Visual Studio add-ins created by computer scientists in Microsoft Research.
  • Image Watch is a new debugging tool for C++ image processing developers. It visualizes in-memory bitmaps directly in the Visual Studio IDE as you step through your code in the debugger. Image Watch is available now for Visual Studio 2012 and 2013 Preview.
  • Smart Programming Assistant is a vision for future programming. It finds tricky bugs at design time and it provides fixes for them. It enhances refactoring, code review, and it finds regressions in your code in real time. learn about advances in the here and now and what will come tomorrow.
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