Ok, ok, Windows 8.1 is freaking awesome, did I really need that new "start" button thing on the task bar?

Oh whine, whine, whine, but seriously folks, I now have the following to get to the Start Screen:

  1. A start button physically plastered on my laptop, surface RT and Windows RT device
  2. Swipe from the right touch Windows icon
  3. Press windows Key+c
  4. Mouse and touch the mouse cursor to the  left hand corner click on the flyout

Now we have the extra start button on the task bar, ok, I do use it, but it doesn't make sense unless I organize my desktop or my apps.  Oh wait a minute!  I could just do that, then the new "Start" button would be totally efficient.

That's what I am going to do.  Fix up my start screen so it doesn't have a billion icons on it.

But really this is just whining and Jerry Nixon dared me to write this post, so I did.  Sort of.  Jerry thought it would be a funny idea if I wrote a blog asking to have the new start button removed.  Which this started being that kind of blog, but I changed my mind.

On the other hand you would learn a great deal more if you visit Jerry's blog at: http://blog.jerrynixon.com .  Most of the time he has good ideas, and he is a seriously funny guy.  Handsome too, he tripled the good looks by joining the team, whereas I reduced it by a third.

Have a great day, and think about upgrading something to Windows 8.1, it is a knock out punch.

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