C++: Hey yo, why haven’t you got an app in the store? Students at CSULA did, with C++


Over the next few days, I will be highlighting some apps that students from Cal State Los Angeles created in a class I taught that they got into the store while learning how to use C++ for the first time!

Let’s get started, here is the first of the apps:

Gary Chang wrote and certified this app:


Not sophisticated for sure, but hey, have you got an app in the store?  Why not? Gary stepped up to the plate and took at chance, is he an awesome student?  Well I think so, but he exists in an amazing environment at CSULA where CS students are given great tools for their careers. 

These students in my class did, and they used XAML/C++, not an excellent framework like Scirra.com, or others.  They used XAML/C++.  From scratch.

So ask yourself, “Why haven’t I built an app for Windows Store?”

If you don’t have Win8 on a machine, why not?  If you don’t want to put Win 8 on a machine, then why not use the Windows 2012 server on the Azure cloud (90 day trial) with Visual Studio Express which you get for free?

Make it happen. Ignore the poorly written documentation or poorly organized information on the web that seem to indicate that it is really hard to build apps for Windows 8 and just make it happen.  This is the kind of thing that employers look at and say: “Hey this person can make things happen on their own!”

Some well written documentation:

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