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Here are links to the //Build 2012 that are related to C++.  I am starting to blog again, but mostly about how to build apps, get aps in the store, advertising apps and making money off of apps.  The app tools I am going to be discussing are the use of Construct 2 from http://www.scirra.com, TouchDevelop found at http://touchdevelop.com, html5/javascript and C++/CX


To start, here is a bunch of links to interesting videos from the //Build 2012 site

Bringing existing C++ code to Windows Store apps

Core technologies for Windows 8 games

Tips for building a Windows Store app using XAML and C++: The Hilo project

Windows Phone 8: Using C++ in your Applications

Windows Phone 8: Native C/C++ Game Development (Repeat)

Windows Phone 8: Photo and Lens Apps

Building mixed-language apps

Windows Phone 8: Using C++ in your Applications


The power of C++ - Project Austin app


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