Preparing your Windows 8 Applications for the store

If you are a student in the US, you have the ability to get access to the Windows 8 store for no cost through DreamSpark.  You will need an email account that has the EDU extension.

Once you have access to the Windows 8 Store then you can upload your app to the windows 8 store, but it can be confusing when you see all of the squares that you have to click.

First thing you need to do in the Windows Store: Click on Submit App and then Reserve a name.  Why? If you do not reserve a name then you can’t upload your package (the file with the appxupload extension).  Once you have that done, then you can upload your app.

Submit an App:

Now switch to the App you want to upload in Visual Studio 2012 running on Windows 8 or Windows 8 To Go, in this case the app is ready to go, tested, etc. and select the Project Menu, Store, Create App Packages in Professional or Ultimate.  In Express Store is on the menu bar.


Create Your Packages (Password dialog box not shown)

Then you get the following, EVERY TIME on my machine, might vary with yours:



Then you will need to click Sign In and use your email that you used to create your Windows Store Account.

Select one of the App Names, you may have more than one.  If you do not have an app name registered then this will appear to be an error, it isn’t, you just have to reserve the name.

Note: there appears to be a weird “feature” that sometimes the Live Account linked to the Windows Store Account will show up, so FYI: Don’t combine the Store Accounts with your Live Accounts if you use that feature.


Configuration, Last step for VS 2012

First Pass, just select it as is.  In later passes, use this to track versions, etc. So with your first attempt just hit create


Package Creation:

You should run the Windows App Certification Kit (WACK) test.  It takes about 20 minutes and you will see your app run on your system, DO NOT INTERACT with the app.  The first couple of times are interesting, otherwise boring.  But necessary.

If you can’t figure something out go to GenApp (Click on the link on this page).




Upload your package

You can use the Project Menu Store to switch to the Windows Store, you will be sent a code to your email or phone, it will be a 7 digit (no letters) code.  If you don’t use it immediately you will have to do it again.  You have to fill in the boxes above Package before you upload the package (see image below).

Then you will be taken to your Windows Store account.

There you will need to know the location of you App Package folder, which default wise is in the project file, but could be in a different location.

Upload your app, it is the file with the extension appxupload


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