Free: Using Visual Studio 2012 to make a Million bucks, get started video

Sounds too good to be true, and if I asked you for money it would be, but I am not.  Oh sure if you are a student you get developer access to the Windows Store for no cost.  If you are an MSDN subscriber you get access to the Windows Store for no cost (it is part of your subscription so that means that you paid for it right).

Development tools are free if you are not a student nor an MSDN Subscriber, use one of the links on the side of the blog to get the free development tools.

I have included a brief video I made for the Microsoft Student Partners.

(If you know me, you will notice that my voice is about an octave higher, I speeded up the video slightly so that it is 6 minutes instead of 9 minutes, it’s either that or I inhaled helium.)

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