Win8 Design: Seriously you need to do design. But HOW?

In our modern times we think of great pieces of architecture and engineering as the only way design impacts our lives.  You might think: “I could never design the Eiffel Tower;” or “Aircraft design is beyond my capabilities:”, or a Windows 8 App.  Ok, maybe not the first two, but you likely can create a successful Windows 8 app.  (Success is defined as creating a Windows 8 App, submitting it to the Windows 8 Store and the App showing up in the Windows 8 store.) File:Samuel Pierpont Langley - Potomac experiment 1903.jpeg

Perhaps that is true.  With the Eiffel Tower or Aircraft design, there are a number of factors that require extensive knowledge that doesn’t impact your capabilities to design Windows 8 software.  For instance, the designer Eiffel has to overcome material issues, for instance what kind of steel was needed to be able to build the tallest building ever.  (Question: What was the tallest building before the Eiffel Tower?)  As to flight, when the Wright brothers or Professor Langley, whoever you choose flew the first powered flight, they had to contend with material problems just as Eiffel did, and also power plants, controls, etc.  Designing either of these objects required a great deal of thought and training, as well risk.  With Windows 8, you are definitely not taking these kinds of risks.  The tools to learn how to do Windows 8 Design takes only a laptop, an older laptop that will run Windows 7 will work, but you won’t be able to experience touch, there is an emulator that helps you test your software though.

So the risk is low, but what about the artistic side of design?  I have shown two engineering/architectural feats of design, what about the artistic side of design?  With art we often have to understand light, colors, how the brush works on the canvas with different types of paints.  Practice with an eye to the manipulation of the subject matter as well as the blending of colors is all needed before our artwork is exhibited outside of the refrigerator in the kitchen.  Windows 8 is a way you can quickly, relatively quickly, load your idea into the Microsoft Store and get feedback either through sells, comments from users, and so forth.  Unlike the design in art, the community is hungry for what you are doing.



Here are the items employers who are looking for Windows 8 Designers/Developers will want in their future employees.  There are 7 design item considerations:

  • What is your app great at?
  • Decide what user activities to support
  • Decide what features to include
  • Decide how to monetize your app
  • Design the UI for your app
  • Make a good first impression
  • Prototype and validate your design

As a developer or a student in computer science (or just life in general) you might not think of yourself as a designer, but unlike others, I believe that designing the Windows 8 interface is something is challenging but worthwhile to learn.

To read the Windows 8 official information on how to do design go to this link (valid as of 9/7/2012):

At that link you will be able to read and discover links to learn more about Windows 8 Design and I think design in general.

If you are out of work or underemployed and you are reading this on a Mac, Windows 7, Vista, or XP, your machine might support Windows 8, find out.  This is the time for you to take that risk, find others and design to your passion. 

Check out for the community to help you build your app, your dream, your wealth.

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