Apple, Google and Microsoft: Locked down O/S, Free O/S, and Innovative O/S

Looks like Apple won the patent suits, Apple proves that protecting your intellectual property and taking ownership is an important message.  Google and Samsung according to an Wall Street Journal Article attempted to build their market by using the Apple patents and that Microsoft is proving to be the innovative one.

To review the history of the Google Android O/S in comparison to the Microsoft O/S, the “Windows CE” based phone, the one prior to the Windows 7 phone, was extremely extensible, but annoying.  Unlike Google, Microsoft did charge for the “Windows CE” O/S, and the partners who used it slammed a lot of junk software on it.  But also, unlike Google, Microsoft had built the Windows CE from the ground up.  The Windows CE O/S showed up in the Xbox, SPOT Watch (sort of), Cable top boxes and so forth.  It was a real time operating system in the strictest sense.  It failed as a phone.  But the findings from the failure led to the Windows 7 design, which is clearly a well thought out design and will lead to the concepts behind the Windows 8 Modern UI.

Android was simply a tool of technologically driven marketing firm.  It is my opinion that Google is little more then a marketing company with a very good search engine.   However,  Google has made major contributions to the Open Source community, but it is the return to Google in proportion to it’s contribution to Linux?  Maybe. 

What if I use an innovative Microsoft Client Operating System, as of 2004, what does Microsoft offer to me as a corporation?

I am not going to paraphrase the statement, please go read it at:

Using search string: Patent suit protection , as the

Try the same thing at the site.  I used the same search string: Patent suit protection at

  • The first return was “Patent US4833729 - Shark protector suit - Google Patents”  but nothing on Google providing any protection to it’s customers from Patent suits.  And in my search, perhaps the shark being referred to are lawyers.

Draw your own conclusions. 

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