XNA=DirectXMath? Xbox Live part of Windows 8

XNA on Windows 8?  Really?  From Microsoft?  No.  Check out MonoGame.  However, I have to say that my opportunity is to focus on C++, but for you, MonoGame might be interesting.

What happened to XNA?  I have no idea.  One day I woke up and realized that no matter how much I whined about it, XNA was gone from Windows 8 Modern UI that will also work on the ARM devices.  ARM is going to be big, so I will need to be ready for it. 

Inside of C++, here lies the remains of XNA, and this is the principle things that many XNA designers moved to: XNA Math Library.  Pretty major stuff.  More later, and I have written a little about the vector math, etc.  XNA ships as DirectXMath.

How about Xbox Live?  I am getting started again with the //Build video


  • Xbox Live, part of Windows 8
  • XNA is now DirectXMath
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