Windows To Go in Win8 RTM, UI, and some total coolness

Wow, let’s say you are working at place that won’t upgrade your computer from Windows XP to Windows 8 and you want to use this totally cool software O/S, you can do it.  Many schools and companies have the LICENSES to run Windows 8 or Windows 7, but don’t want to support the new system.  Not sure why, but there are good reasons to do so.  Now you can use Windows To Go and build a Windows O/S that runs completely on a thumb drive.  You have to have a Windows 8 O/S someplace.

Then you go to the start screen, and just type “Windows To Go” plus you will need a 64 GB USB FlashDrive (ThumbDrive) that runs USB 3.0, good ones are around 75 bucks in the US right now, make sure to check the Read and Write speed, some of the cheaper ones are pretty slow.  Follow the instructions and BLAM, you are running the fast and sleek Win64 directly from the USB drive. 64 GByte means you could include applications like Visual Studio on the drives directly.  Slick.

Check out the feature overview at:

Of course don’t use Windows to Go if it isn’t authorized by your school or corporation.


Comments (6)

  1. dave says:

    totally cool software O/S. totally cool anime babe,

    wow Surf4Funb = totally cool dork

  2. Surf4Fun says:


    Thanks for the compliment.  By the way it's Surf4Fun, but not today, the surf is blown out (on shore wind).

  3. Jamie says:

    Outside of Microsoft exactly how many companies have desktop PC's for the average user that includes USB 3?!!!!

  4. Surf4Fun says:


    Include Microsoft with that count.  Turns out my main laptop does not have USB 3.0.  But my Wife's does.  However, I am not allowed to "mess" with her computer.

    However, a number of the schools I work with lease their computers and the refreshed ones have USB 3.0.  So it is a mix.


  5. Jens says:

    As i know this feature is only in Enterprise Version of Windows 8.

    So only big Customers can use this.

    But this kind of Customers are not interested in a feature which gives User the option to play with own OS on Business Computers. They need the Control.

    I think this Feature is nice for Normal EndUsers. But they never have the Chance to use it.

  6. Surf4Fun says:


    Not sure if this is only available with Enterprise, but it if is, then that does change the equation.  In my world at Microsoft though, students do have access to free software through the Dreamspark Premium and Dreamspark.

    In that case this makes it interesting.  Also, although I am not sure it works with Windows To Go, you could use a demo version of Windows 8 Enterprise, maybe.

    Thanks for the questions Jamie, and I appreciate your feedback greatly.  

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