VS 2012 will build but not deploy when using a WinRT with Javascript

WTH (What the Heck)!  I just upgraded my VS 2012 on August 18, 2012 and got the error that was similar to:

Error : DEP0800 : The required framework "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v8.0\ExtensionSDKs\Microsoft.VCLibs\11.0\.\AppX\Debug\ARM\Microsoft.VCLibs.ARM.Debug.11.appx" failed to install.
Windows cannot install package Microsoft.VCLibs.110.Debug because the package requires architecture ARM, but this computer has architecture x64

Seriously, I patched VS 2012 and it appeared to deploy with a simple JavaScript app, but then when I added a WinRT, it didn’t work building but not deploying.  Crud. Darn. (*$)#@)(*W)(*U#R$#()#(@*@!*$&$&#. 

But the workaround was discovered by the genius BaoBobKing and posted in the forums!  Nice one BaoBobKing!  You da best!

I have posted the workaround on https://aka.ms/workaroundVS2012deployment

But if this helped you out, make sure to go to https://aka.ms/baobobking_givehimkudos

and mark BaoBobKing’s answer as “helpful”, it helps with his software spirit points.


Seriously, pay up and mark BaoBobKing’s solution as helpful, it doesn’t cost you anything.

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