Running Windows 8 RTM, some blathering and tested Win8 Win-shortcut keys

Well after struggling with Windows 8, like where is that darn start button, and then figuring out that a quick flip and a click in the left corner got me to a much better start menu.  As to the issues with the “Enterprise” customer, I think that as a Enterprise user, I like the interface, granted I work for Microsoft, but I do.  Enjoyed Windows 7, but I don’t miss it.

I am able to get to Visual studio much faster.  And the sematic motion is done with ctrl+- (that’s control key and the minus key), quickly set up a group of Office 2013.  Fast, really, fast.


Setting up network was simple and easy.  Win key is the flag key

Charms Win+C: All charms
Win+Q: Search charm
Win+H: Share charm
Win: Start charm
Win+K: Devices charm
Win+I: Settings charm
Search Win+Q: Search apps
Win+W: Search settings
Win+F: Search files
Metro Apps Win+Z: Get to app options
Win+.: Snap app to the left
Win+Shift+.: Snap app to the right
Alt+F4: Close an app
Desktop Win+D: Open Desktop
Win+,: Peek at desktop
Win+B: Back to desktop
Other Win+X: Open system utility settings menu
Win+PrntScrn: Take screenshot and save to Pictures, if you have more then one screen open then all are printed
Win+Tab: Open switch list
Win+T: Preview open windows in taskbar
Win+U: Open Ease of Access Center
Win+Spacebar: Switch language and keyboard
Win+Enter: Open Windows Narrator

Here is what my start screen looks like, note that I have my Office 2013 on the left side.  I am left handed so it makes sense to me.


You organize your tiles by selecting them in a sematic snap and typing the group name in the app  bar that appears. Remember that on the keyboard is the control key and the minus key next to the zero.


That’s it.

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