Modern UI flap

I just pulled down a post on Modern UI, not for any other reason then it was bad (or you can think of worse phrases).  The blog was the result of seeing Dark Knight Rises, and starting a re-reading of Aristotle's Ethics for my bedtime reading.  Then to make things worse I followed it all up with writing my blog after going to my theological institution on Sunday for my weekly feeding of the soul.  Not to mention completing a read of a book about the Gnostics.  And my CPAP machine not working for 2 days, which is equivalent of 2 days without sleep, and that threw me off balance.  Now the CPAP machine is working, I am over the Dark Knight Rises, and so forth.


Since I teach part time at various schools as well as work for Microsoft, I include a part of the lectures on how ethics go with design, but in this Case it was better delivered as a lecture and not a blog.  Not everything translates to a blog.  This was one of them.

I re-read it and thought bleech.   EEECK!  Not what the blog is all about.


Sorry readers...



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