OneNote 2013: Amazingly great!

Not sure about your, but OneNote always felt like the features were good, but they never felt all that “positive” which in the world of flying is that one rarely likes things that are do not give a solid feel to them.  Or like in Star Trek when they beam down, they move sliders in an analog manner, I have always thought that if you are going to beam me anyplace it should be push button and it works.  OneNote was like the Star Trek experience with the sliders and so forth, it worked but something was missing.

Not in OneNote 2013.  Favorite example, if you want to tag a line (defined as a line or lines of text that has a line feed at the end of it, and yes I realize that I just did a poor definition), then a little indicator shows up to show here the tag will go.  Very nice.  Here is how it works:

If it is text then the indicator shows up and you get the floater format box with the tag selector.

If it is drawing then you will see the drawing with stretch grabbers as you might be able to make out from this image:



I do find that the multiple line of ink doesn’t tag the way I would like, but maybe that will be a change in the future.

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