Developing Well back from whatever July was and appears! Impact on Windows 8 (Win8)

Wow,, nice, I got my personal email address over there and the whole system looks cool.  Guess there will be a subscription fee eventually to get rid of the advertisements.  But really I don’t mind the small bar on the side.  Hey even corporations need to make money.

So how to get started developing apps for  Since works in Azure and uses skydrive, guess what?  Oh you hate the “Guess What?” Phrase unless it is uttered by someone younger then 10, oops.  Ok, let’s try that again…

Since works with Skydrive you use Skydrive Developer Center (which is still titled Live Connect Developer Center) to build apps.  Then you got to get them into the app marketplace.  You might be reading this blog to find out how to do that.  Me too.  Oh wait, I am writing the blog.

And I am still not really sure from reading the documentation, so keep an eye out.


Make sure to include the use of Skydrive in your Windows 8 applications, that just makes them so cool and mobile!



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