Port your UNIX code to Visual Studio 12

All right, you just graduated from college, never worked with Visual Studio and you got a lot of code built on UNIX.  You employer is purely Visual Studio and Windows, they don’t want to support a separate operating system.  You could quit, but they pay so well, the medical and dental plan is awesome and you get 3 weeks of vacation to start off.  What to do?

Check out this article at:

Porting from UNIX to Win32

UNIX Custom Application Migration Guide

When you start a job it isn’t usually a good time to try to change the entire technology infrastructure.

Comments (2)

  1. L. says:

    The page about "Porting from UNIX to Win32" is a bit obsolete, isn't it?  SFU and the Posix subsystem do not exist any more in Windows 8, for example.

  2. Surf4Fun says:

    Dear L.

    WRT to Windows 8?  Good point, just what is the UNIX port story to Windows 8.

    So just how much do you know about this?  Let me know.  Or link me to your blog, etc. 🙂

    But there is still a lot of non-Windows 8 stuff out there.  But it is obsolete.

    Keep this secret but I had that in my stack of potential blog posts and knocked it out to cover my blog during vacation.  So you busted me.

    Thanks for keeping me honest on the beam!


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