Thinking about game design

I have a number of blogs that I write, the links are: Research, Games, SoCal-Sam, and this one, Devschool.  As you know what I usually blog about is simply random stuff, etc.

Over my vacation I have been giving this some thought, not much, but while coasting downhill to the beach, I began to form an idea for a series of blogs on game design that would span the four blogs.


On the Research blog, Microsoft back in 1997 started a game community with a large code set.  It made little sense at the time because everyone had 56.6 K modems so a 300,000,000 byte file was just to big do download.  However, Allegiance is still going and has a strong community.  On my Research page I will be covering the Allegiance breakdown and how the new versions of Visual Studio changes the game. 

To find out more about the Allegiance game see:


I believe in Silverlight, and will keep the URL, but it will morph into mostly C++ and HTLM 5/JavaScript discussion.  To change doesn’t make sense.

On this blog I will be discussing game design, using constructor 2 as a prototype/live game tool for much of the discussion for now.


This site is my oldest site and is generally covering things like architecture, etc.  For the game design approach this year, it will discuss builds, design tools, security and the like.

Devschool: (this page)

This page will cover coding (as well games) but with specific examples and so forth.  Also, I will include random articles that I write to get started or to overcome writers block.

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