Office 2013: Sweet on the Tablet! You choose where to store your files!

Just got Office 2013 on my Tablet and it is sweet!  I love the ability to simply install and then load to the Skydrive!  Nice.  Also, I can use the subscription based system, but my files are safely stored on the skydrive, and stay there even if I can’t keep paying for the subscription. 

On the other hand my wife doesn’t like the use of Skydrive, so she changes the default to the local drive.  This is the way the Office 2013 Power Point info page looks when you download it for the first time and the installation completes:




Go to Options to change your storage default, you can change the storage location for an individual file using the Save As dialog, also note that it appears that all of the Office documents have the autosave set to 10 minutes, but please make sure to check your settings immediately after starting the Office 2013:



Check out the touch right click if you have a tablet, it is a nice touch.  Get it?  Nice Touch. 


Oh well.  Also check out my blog on installing Office 2013 at:

Installing Office 15 for the very first time

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  1. cheong00 says:

    I think the ability for uploading to SkyDrive was there on some RC version of Office 2010 and removed in the release version. Do you know any chance this function would be added back to Office 2010 on a service pack?

  2. Surf4Fun says:


    Office 2010 supports saving to the Skydrive and sharepoint sites.  You have to use Save As dialog box and change to Skydrive.  Oh just see my next blog.

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