List of links that I am using to figure out Metro/HTML 5 Snap and Fill layout

There are a few ways to do the snapped view, which is the one of main concern since it is skinny compared to the Filled and full views.  I am trying to figure out how to implement an extremely simple example of using snap and fill.  Here is a list what I am reading:


    1. Designing flexible layouts (Metro style apps using JavaScript and HTML)
    2. Guidelines for snapped and fill views (Metro style apps)
    3. Designing flexible layouts (Metro style apps using JavaScript and HTML)
    4. Snap sample
    5. JavaScript and HTML5 touch game sample

CSS versus Coding:

You can manage simpler apps using CSS, and with your first approach to games you will like throw up a simple page with the buttons on it after you have paused the game.  That way you can use normal pause processes in the game and then the end user can simply push the pause button to start again.

Comments about the examples:

Item 5, the article “JavaScript and HTML5 touch game sample” doesn’t work quite as expected.  You would expect that a sample game would be able to pause correctly and have a tutorial that was useful.  Well the pause doesn’t work with snapped and you decide about the “tutorial” as I have noted previously, the template is not a template it is sample code.  This is why I am digging into creating a simple example of all the ways that you can do the snap and fill.  Then I am going to do settings.  Then repeat the whole thing with C++.

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