Windows 8, C++ and XAML: Game Design

Game design using the latest version of Visual Studio, VS 12.  Interesting, I did notice that the UDK (Unreal’s designer kit) uses DirectX 11.  I have yet to determine if the free UDK can support Windows 8.  Right now I am investigating HTML5 and JavaScript with the goal of quickly generating a game using HTML 5/JS.

Thinking about the development of game engines using this new way of development for Windows is pretty exciting.  But where do you start if you haven’t started anything.  After all if you are an ace game engine designer you likely hate this blog if you even read it.  If you are a hobbyist or student you are likely reading this with the hope of getting some idea on how to get started.

Well, first off get a C++ book, any C++ book and download VS12, build the blank XAML Template, read one of my previous blogs on how to use the XAML with C++ and starting writing code.  Now you have to NOT use the console output to make this work, you have to use XAML only for your efforts.

Read material online, which changes quickly so I am not supplying links.  I am also not supplying links because it is Saturday morning and I want to take my dog for a long walk.  M dog would rather stay at home and lay around, but we both could do with a nice walkie.  Oops, she headed over to her favorite place because I gave here the “long walk” look.

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