Building Windows 8 app for Token in 7 days

For some reason the PFE at Microsoft said that I could have an interview, I pointed out that I worked for Microsoft and he said that it was ok.  So I said: “Ok”.  And have now scheduled an appointment for next Thursday.  This means I have to build an app in 7 days that doesn’t waste the PFE’s time. Can I do it?

Well First, I need a tool, after all I don’t want to work really hard.  I am a software dude.  To be a certified Software dude, you need be a few things:

  1. Mildly lazy about physical things
  2. Like to write in bulleted lists
  3. Like to do stuff with software
  4. Not crazy about missing personal goals
  5. If you manager asks you to do something, you feel like they are a bossypants
  6. You played a musical instrument and gave it up sometime in your life (or are still playing something, that is great!)

If you meet any or none of these items, Windows 8 might be for you. 

I just finished up a supersecret project using Kinect, which I will tell you about on one of the other blogs.  Sadly, it is a sad thing, but it shows how to use Kinect for people who don’t like the usual bunch of classes that are difficult to figure out.  The Sad thing is that it is definitely a no class app, in a number of ways.

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