Google App Engine Pricing compared to Visual Studio

Ok, I am not going to do a point by point pricing comparison to Google App Engine, but it appears that Visual Studio is a much better price.

Here are the pricing for Visual Studio:

Express versions: Free for any number of executable, infinitely scalable for no additional cost, which for the Google App Engine isn’t a component of the free component.

And what the use of Java?  Ok, we all write Java, but who owns Java?  Who owns C#?

Java is owned by Oracle Corporation, and they have proven this by their legal suit against Google, so this means that you can’t use Java with confidence that google will maintain Java forever.  There are no specifications for Java, Oracle can do what they want with it.

Who owns C#?  No one, it is a specification based language just like C++, C, and ECMAScript.

You decide.  But you can use C# for no cost and you can scale your application infinitely for no cost.

Sounds like C# is the better deal.

Comments (2)

  1. Papy Normand says:

    An "ugly" question : are you sure that the Microsoft VC# is following all the new specifications of C# ? I am fearing that we have the same problems that between T-SQL and the SQL norm.

    You are right about the Express Editions : they are free. But a little limited : for example, Express editions 11 will not be able to create Windows Forms applications ( a serious error … ).

    And Visual Basic ? I wrote my 1st program in Basic 45 years ago.Since, i have used COBOL,Pascal,C ( marvellous ), VB ( 4 ==> VS 2010 ), VC++ ( 4 ==> 6 ) and VC# ( my main language since 2003 )

    Anyway, you produced a good article ( and i will have a look at the previous ones )

  2. Surf4Fun says:


    Definitely not an ugly question, it is a good one!  So if I understand you, is VC# for Windows 8 following the new specifications of C#.  Wow!  This is the stuff of low readership but technically interesting blog posts.  Maybe I can get my competition to take it on.  Just kidding, I am going to look into that!

    Bear in mind that Express versions are just an IDE.  Others can create their own IDE for the C# on Windows or via Mono on Linux.

    Thank you for the compliment, appreciate it.

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