Design item Metro App for Windows 8: Scenario

Here is a list of items that are tested in your Windows 8 App.  If you are in Southern California, please email these posts for more information on getting a token for your app by June 30, 2012!


Has a clear mission and scope; implementation is far enough to represent the final scope.

A great app is planned thoroughly. It focuses on the tasks and features required to accomplish the app’s mission. Since this is an app review, we want to ensure that you have a comprehensive plan and you know what your app will be great at.
The app you bring to this review needs to be representative of your final vision. You don’t have to be 100% done, but you should have enough functionality to demonstrate the vision and the features that will make your app stand-out from the other apps in its category.
For this requirement, you don’t have to bring a pitch; bring a great app that has gone through proper planning.

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