Game Design && UML && TFS && Windows 8 Marketplace

So if you want to design an adventure game, let’s keep it really simple, using text only.  Like the old days.  How would you do the design? Would you be able to get into a Windows 8 design for the Windows Marketplace?  Would you use a design tool?  How do you do the project planning?  What if it was really successful could you make money?  Umm?  Ummm? Well? Would you?

Just kidding, sort of, let’s chill out here for a few seconds.  There are a lot of Game Engines out there, but what do you have to consider for game design?

  1. Game Design:
    • What happens when your game is “snapped” to the side?  This happens. What about the cool things you can utilize in Windows 8?
    • Implementation of the various gestures
    • Sharing with other applications
  2. UML:
    • Since design is important, UML Use cases become important, especially if you want to make your DESIGN something that can be sold as well as your app.  Bear in mind that design in other disciplines is a product and not a means to a product.
    • Activity diagrams become more important for the designer, how can you keep track of the various actions and handshake in your application
    • Other components (want to keep this short) that are UML design processes
    • Each of the UML components can be set as a Work Item in Team Foundation Server if you are using the Architecture version of Visual Studio 11
  3. TFS:
    • Using TFS 11, which is easily installed or the online version of Team Foundation Server, called Team Foundation Services, you can now track the work items as shown in the diagram below.  As a manager you can track your team’s effort, as a consultant you can track subcontractor efforts,  as a developer you can see what others are doing and be able to evaluate your own efforts when it comes time for a review. 
    • image
  4. Marketplace, you have moved through a “design” process, this is a complete process and unless part of your work included a review of the WIndows 8 Metro design principles, it might not pass certification for the Windows Marketplace.  If it doesn’t then you have a map of your work. If it does, you now have a good understanding of your code and design process. 
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