5 thingies in a list about WinRT

Need to do a list today, so here it is, feel free to add more in the comment, but 5 seems to be magical

  1. WinRT is a set of Windows 8 OS APIs based on classes, objects and members
    • How is this different than the Win32 APIs?
      • Win32 API are C DLL export APIs.
      • WinRT APIs are OS APIs
  2. C++ applications can call C runtime APIs and WinRT APIs.
  3. JavaScript applications can call JavaScript library functions and WinRT APIs.
  4. .NET in Windows 8 is not "based on WinRT" but more that .NET can call WinRT OS APIs consistent with .NET developer style
  5. Useful confusion: WinRT APIs can be used by both Metro style applications and desktop applications, others WinRT can only be accessed via Metro Apps..


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  1. Aleksey Mandrykin says:

    Where can I see the WinRT API specification?

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