Porting a Windows Phone App to WinRT

This is an awesome article about how to port a WIndows Phone app to Windows 8.  Instructions, etc. Well written.

As you might think: “Well Written?  This can’t be written by Sam then!”  And that would be correct, it is on CodeProject:

http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/375173/Hacking-for-fun-porting-a-Silverlight-Windows-Phon (and the line is missing that last e")

CHeck it out and give the author 5 stars, then come back and read more of my stuff.

Got that, you all come back now!

Comments (2)

  1. cheong00 says:

    It's pity that he didn't solve the Blend error.

    If he has installed "PowerCommand for Visual Studio 2010" extension (it is available and supported for VS11 beta), he could have open the project file by right-click the project and select "Edit Project File", then search for Import tag for *.Targets and fix the path there.

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