ABI ? WTF do these three letters stand for?

It’s ok when one article doesn’t define an TLA (three letter acronym), but then a basic article like the one “Welcome Back to C++ (Modern C++)”, once and then the TLA ABI is used again in linked articles, etc.  Somewhere, at least using basic writing style, ABI should be clearly written out.  Ok, now that I used ABI several times in this article its time to give it to you: Application Binary Interface.  Currently one of the nice things about working with Nokia, they do a pretty good job at making sure the level of confusion about terms is kept to a minimum, ABI is explained at:


The boundary is the point where a hardware platform has be customized for the operating system. 

You have my permission to point out in comments when ever I use TLAs too much or don’t define the TLAs.



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