All right, I am confused, DirectX 11, DirectX, XNA and Windows 8

On Friday, May 11, 2012, I wrote a blog that was just a quick knock off to end the week.  I had thought that DirectX 11 can only be accessed via C++, now I worry if that is true?  I am so confused. 

DirectX is now shipped directly with the Windows SDK, there isn’t a separate one.  Or is there?  There is DirectX 11 SDK, is that the same as the DirectX in Windows SDK?  See the URL:

The XNA library is now in the or DirectMath Library!  Excellent.

It appears that D3DX requires special measures to work in WIndows 8.  You do want to work with the Direct3 and Direct2.  XACT is no longer supported, and after XNA 2.0 I never used it anyway.  Good news about the XNA Math though, I LOVED that.  Most excellent.  Going to require some header rewrites though for me since I am pretty sloppy about those things.

As to DirectX only working with C++, well I am certain that, not for the first time in my life, I am wrong, but it appears to require that more work than I want to put into it is required to use C# or VB at this time.  So I am sticking with my plan to use DirectX with C++ exclusively for the next several months.  See that way I do less work.  Don’t let my managers know, just between us. (Seriously do you think if they read this blog, Fridays’ screw up blog: DirectX 11 and Windows 8 where I said that DirectX 11 only works with C++ would have survived the weekend?)

Anyway, there is DirectX 9, DirectX 10, and now DirectX directly in the Windows SDK.  And as of 5/12/2012, I am simply only using Direct3 and Direct2 in C++.

Bottom line, now that I am moving back to C++, it is like going back to a company that you left a few years ago, and some of your buddies are still around.  I had thought to use the jilted  lover comparison, but since I have been married for 28 years, I have no idea how that works.


**************************Below the bottom line**************************************

Anything I say in this blog should be verified from a reliable source.  This blog is not a reliable source, it is a BLOG, as in Web Log.  I write stuff and you read stuff, I really appreciate your reading of this blog, but read anything I write with a questioning mind, not an open mind, but a mind that says: “Hey WTF, this is absolutely wrong!  I am going to prove this guy WRONG!” And then go prove me wrong, and use the comments section to show that I am wrong.  Seriously, the best part of any day is when someone expresses their proof that I am wrong, or that they dislike Microsoft because of technology change, or attack me personally.  As long as you don’t curse or link to weird stuff, I post everything.  (And usually comment back to you, sometimes nicely, sometimes sharply, but always respectfully.)

So get that keyboard out and write some code!  Prove me wrong, show why Microsoft technology is all wrong (with proof and actionable criticism is always considered polite), make money off of technology, become wealthy!  Tell others about the beauty of technology, because it is a beautiful thing.

Happy Mother’s Day and make sure to treat mom nice today (and every day for that matter)!

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