Talking to my inner space alien about MetroRT, which should be simply Metro or WinRT or something completely mutated

My inner space alien made it’s visit and was asking me about the whole idea around MetroRT, Win8 and other stuff.  First of all the Inner Space Alien wanted to imageknow what in the heck is MetroRT?  Since the only written material in the Universe that mentions MetroRT is my blog, so there must be a serious screw up.  It was nice of the Inner Space Alien to point that out to me, and none of my readers did.  Thank you everyone.

How did it happen?

Well it is a genetic thing, my Mom, who died in April, used to always make up words that sounded just about correct, and fit syntactically, but didn’t exist in any dictionary. 

With my Mom, it was a pleasant personality quirk. With with respect to my making up MetroRT, well that is just a screw up.  Or is it?  What would a MetroRT look like?  Will there be derivatives of the Metro Design Style?

So how did this happen?

Looks like MetroRT is a combination WinRT and Metro to make MetroRT.  Seemed correct, but wasn’t. Currently.

What is WinRT

WinRT stands for Windows Runtime, not Windows Real Time, which would is something entirely different.

Windows Runtime has a nifty XAML toolkit you download from:, includes a number of controls that support the awesome, but can be confusing AsyncUI Library.

What is Metro

Metro on the other hand, is a “style”, or “design philosophy”.

What is MetroRT

What is MetroRT?  Something I made up. Which in my way of thinking was a style based on the Metro design philosophy.  But in reality was a brain burp on my part.  Although part of me wants to more clearly define a design philosophy around the MetroRT.  That would kind of cool, using the Metro design philosophy and then building a derivative off of it.  Maybe I will do that.


Hope this cleared up any confusion.  My apologies for the confusion.  Although, now that I think about it, I might define a MetroRT that is a derivative of the Metro style.

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