List of 10 Windows Phone 7 Articles that are useful

Here is a list of ten articles that I have reviewed for a presentation at BYU.  Thought I would share them with you:


  1. Panorama Control Overview for Windows Phone
  2. Bing Maps REST Services
  3. Panorama Control Architecture for Windows Phone
  4. Panorama Control Features and Best Practices for Windows Phone
  5. How to: Create a Panorama Application for Windows Phone
  6. Getting Started with Bing API, Version 2
  7. Code Samples for Windows Phone
  8. Level Starter Kit for Windows Phone
  9. Translator Starter Kit
  10. Secret Communications X012Y: Using the Bing Map API in the Mobile Map Example
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  1. Jerry Nixon says:

    Hey Sam,

    Here's another list of useful Windows Phone links:…/windows-phone.html

    // Jerry

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