Jerry Nixon at Microsoft reports that Apple Security situation is getting worse. I don’t agree.

Jerry Nixon writes that Apple security is getting worse.  Quotes great sources, etc.  I got nothing but my fellow dog walkers and seatmates on airplanes to quote from.  Here are some of the quotes from just a few days ago:

“My Apple thingie is perfectly secure”, says one dog walker.  We walk for a bit.  Our dogs play their favorite game of running at each other as hard as possible and then roll around.  Then I say: “Heard about the latest virus on Apple, FlashBack.”  He says: “No I never did drugs in my youth.”  “No, no, that is the name of the virus.”  He says:”Apple stuff don’t get viruses.”  I say: “Check it out.” While I pick up the poop from my dog.  We walk a little more.  He says: “Apple really is kicking butt with their stock prices.”  I say:”Yep.”

After the Imagine Cup, I get back and run into that dog walker, he tells me that he had the virus and got it patched.

When I was coming back from the Imagine Cup, I was sitting between two people, one on XP and the other using a Mac air.  As the good Microsoft Employee I inquire about the XP and if it was patched, virus patterns up to date, etc.  The XP user knew the security state of their computer and said they were going to get a slate (perhaps to shut me up).  When I ask the Mac person, he said that Macs don’t get viruses and he never thought about it.

So I don’t agree with Jerry Nixon that the Apple security situation is getting worse, mainly because Apple is simply not facing the fact that any computer connected to the net can be hacked.  Apple enforces this thinking through their use of media and negative advertisements over the years.

I have no complains about the Apple situation, it is simply what Apple wishes it to be.

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  1. cheong00 says:

    Indeed. The situation is not getting worse because it's always been like that.

    But higher market share of Apple device means more bad people will take time to break into them. Since Apple systems are usually not protected, it means easy target for the bad people.

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