So a period, a hyphen and a greater than symbol walk in a bar…

The bartender looks up and says: “Is this some kind of a joke?”  Nope, just my blog.


The period, that’s right, the thing at the end of a sentence. Then, separately, the hyphen and greater than symbol working together.

See that the explanation at:

How to use this information?  Here is some code, just plain old C++, running in VS 11 on Windows 8.  Not a big deal, not complicated, just what you would use in class. 

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
struct StructureExample{
   StructureExample(int i, int j, int k) : firstvariable(i), secondvariable(j), thirdvariable(k){}
   int secondvariable;
   int firstvariable;
   int thirdvariable;
int main() {
   StructureExample theStructureExample(1,1,1900);
   theStructureExample.secondvariable = 2;   
   //Use of the period for dereferencing, similar to C# or VB
   cout  << theStructureExample.secondvariable 
         << " *** " << theStructureExample.firstvariable
         << " *** " << theStructureExample.thirdvariable 
         << endl;
   //There are more efficient ways to do this, used for simplicity
   StructureExample *theStructureExample2 = new StructureExample(1,1,2000);
   //Use of the hyphen followed by greater than symbol
   //for dereferencing, similar to C# or VB
   theStructureExample2->secondvariable = 2;
   cout  << theStructureExample2->secondvariable 
         << "/" << theStructureExample2->firstvariable
         << "/" << theStructureExample2->thirdvariable 
         << endl;
   delete theStructureExample2;
   //holds the console window open, there are other ways
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