MetroRT C++ and DirectX: A view to a kill or at least confusion?


Take a look at the tutorial: Create your first Metro style app using DirectX , and like some legal documents you might think: Wow, I don’t get the point of this document.  (Links guaranteed as of 4/17/2012.)  Well, it gives you a motivation to start developing with MetroRT and C++, and some confusing links.

The Perquisites Link, gives a good idea of what you need to know, and if you are not familiar with Microsoft technologies like DirectX, then you might just move on to go back to C# or something.  Hang on, hang on.  This page will show you what is included in DirectX.  So just read the page.


Now go to the link: Prepare your development environment for Metro style DirectX apps , key sentence is: DirectX 11.1 is useful but not required for game development!  And you will need Windows 8 with Visual Studio 11 Beta Express.  Follow the instructions for the tutorial, but in this case, the second image is incorrect, it should be the one shown below, which isn’t a big issue, I am sure you figured it out.  But note that the template created the CubeRenderer.CPP/.H, as well some other files.  The text that follows the image in the tutorial states that the CubeRenderer in the default template are <your project name>Renderer.CPP/H, as you can see that is incorrect.  There isn't anything wrong with the template.  Bear in mind that the documentation is about a software system that is in an early beta state, it will be fixed.  But this blog won't, so if you are reading this after April 17, 2012, things will have changed.


Then the tutorial points to the links:

How to set up your Metro style DirectX app to display a view

This is an interesting article, but following it and pasting code isn’t going to yield a working application, nor is it tied to the “related” tutorial sample, see link below.

Nominally, the following sample refers to these articles in it’s description.html, but I don’t see the connection:




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