Metro design, Windows 8, XAML and C++

Wow, heavy title today.  WIn 8, XAML and C++, well the world has changed.  Guess I will too.  The easy world of C#, XNA and so forth remains, but now we have a whole new way of doing things.  In some ways much more complex, but much easier to establish a toehold for your technology approach.

So if you have worked with XAML and C#, the growth factor here shouldn’t be too difficult, it will be complex if you are not familiar with C++, Direct X (which has been ignored for the past few years using the XNA abstraction).  If you have used the approach to Metro design in your Windows Phone 7 design, then you have the Metro design processes down.

So to build a slot machine for a demonstration, I am going to use the guide at:


Scary stuff, to do the design you will need to install the Windows 8 Consumer Review and then Visual Studio 11 Express (which has all of the languages).

Ummm, for my initial demo, I think that I am going to back out of the C++ and do C#.  No. Yes. No. Ok, I am going to give C++ a chance. 


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