Free — Visual Studio 11: XAML and C++? Getting on the Edge! Blend!

Free O/S:

For now, to use the Visual Studio 11 beta you have to load it on a non-production computer.  Get your Free O/S from:

XAML and C++ ????

Really?  Find out more, and of course you will need to download Windows 8 on a non-production computer.

To get started, see this video on the page at:

To find out about developer licenses, etc. read the page at:

Now what about C++ can you use it with XAML? Yes you can!

What if you want to use the great design tool Blend with C++, not quite yet, but you should still take a look at the way Blend functions.



What about Blend?  What about XAML? Read:

XAML is still there, but it works pretty much the same way, so get used to HTML 5 in Blend:

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