Datadog? What in the heck is datadog and is it part of that new OS?

Datadog?  I am at SIGSCE and I just learned about something called datadog.  So what is datadog (and no I didn’t just put words randomly together):

Counterdog is an automated theorem-prover for a counterfactual meta-logic about propositional Datalog programs. It is useful, for example, for reasoning about Datalog-based trust management and authorization languages.

So what do you do with Datadog?  Write obsure blogs might be one thing.  Another thing would be learn more about the nature of software engineering, check out the tutorial here:

Here you can find out more about propositional logic and it runs in any browser.  Not motivated enough?  How about improving your knowledge as a software architect?  Being able to understand just what Propositional Logic is?  Or how to test security of a software system?  Well that is the big issue: Security.

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