Metro Design: WP7 & preparing for that OS that can’t be named, yet

Starting your career designing Windows Phone 7 using the Metro Design process

To get started watch the three videos at:

Although when using the phone, the design flows, as a software designer, architect or engineer knowing the basic concepts of the Windows Phone design concepts is important.

At the end of the three videos you should have a good idea of how the Windows Phone Metro design functions, and the motivation that drives the Metro Design.

  • For instance what is the font? Segoe WP is the recommended font
  • Name one of the application level animations: Zoom

Also did you notice that there are a number of ways to navigate, none use physical buttons but rather focus on the use of gestures.

Metro Design Language of Windows Phone 7

Where to go from here:

Read the following Steven Sinofsky blogs, even though they are mostly words and long, you should take the time to read them:

How to create a bootable USB Flash drive to install Windows OS after Windows 7 Developer Review



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