5 more ideas on how to make money off of Azure

[The following material is from http://blogs.msdn.com/devschool, if you are viewing this from another site, please switch to the original.]

  1. Create an intermediate verifier system for large code based systems.  You could use some of the ideas from Microsoft Research like Boogie, Dafny, etc.  To make money you would offer the ability for a company to run their large software project through your verifier and This idea would require that you run the verifiers in the cloud.  Details are left for the reader, but check out these ideas at:
    • Check out the language and program verifiers for functional correctness using the Rise4Fun site:
    • Think about it, engine on Azure, CPU Utilization only when needed, fixed costs, mostly sales when you get everything set up, this is a simple business model.  A little tricky on the technology side.  Would be a great set-up and sell company.
  2. Azure Based Rendering Engine: Work with existing software companies to help them expand their software to be supported by multiple CPUs when needed and none when not.  Total control over the costs prior to running the rendering engines.  Pixar has done this for their rendering engine.
  3. Azure based artificial intelligence for specific domain knowledge systems
    • Example: Beer making, beer making has a number of variables and Micro-Breweries might not be able to afford the current AI systems used by the larger breweries
    • Example: Forecasting Sales, Revenue, etc. 
  4. Azure based behavioral game theory experiments that you would run for consumer research groups. 
  5. Azure based economic game theory system used for decision making
Comments (2)

  1. Griff says:

    I was extremely interested in item 2.  However, in the article you cited the conclusion states "We show that a system based on an 8-core Intel

    Xeon server equipped with four Tesla GPUs can support up

    to 60 clients at interactive frame rates. We believe the price

    performance ratio is unprecedented."

    I was under the impression there was no GPU availability in Azure.  I would really like to be wrong! Can you advise please?

  2. Surf4Fun says:


    I would be wrong, thanks for catching this.  It is a really old blog entry, back when I used to do a blog and article writing.

    Now days I am focused on Article writing and focus on accuracy.  If was back then, I would have caught this.

    Nice to see that you caught my mistake, first person to do so.  So I aware a "Warm Fuzzy", which with the weather in SoCal right now doesn't do all that much good.

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